Buy at Holt

How to buy a gun from Holts.......

Would you like to buy the collector's item or modern weapon of your dreams at one of our auctions?
Nothing could be easier! create an account and register online here .......

Once you've created your account, go to the item you'd like to bid on in the corresponding auction.

Before the sale, contact Holts Auctioneers by email to place a purchase order. This will be confirmed by e-mail as soon as possible.

During the live auction: you can follow the main auction at
. With your online account you can take part in the live auction and bid as if you were there.


Once you've won your item, you'll receive an invoice from Holts including the sale fee (25% excl. VAT or 30% incl. VAT).

At the same time, our carriers will contact you with a quote for your shipment. Once you have settled your invoice with Holts for your purchase and with the carriers for shipping, we will add your items to the shipping list for the next shipment to France.

Your invoice to the carrier includes import VAT of 20% for modern guns and 5.5% for antique guns and 3.2% customs duty for non-UK purchases.

Our carrier will deliver your purchases to our French agent, Armurerie du Forestier. He will then contact you to make the necessary declarations and deliver your purchases.

See the link here to the carrier's web page including a shipping schedule.